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Orientation program for the First year polytechnic students was held on 01.07.2019 to 03.07.2019

A three day orientation programme for I year students was held from 1st July to 3rd July 2019.  Shri.CA.N.V.Natarajan, Chairman, Paavai Institutions presided over the Inaugural function held in Brilliant Hall.  In his inaugural address, he highlighted the importance of education and how education can transform a generation.  The inaugural function came to an end and it was followed by the session titled, ‘Goal setting’ which was handled by the Chairman, Paavai Institutions.

In his session, the Chairman explained ‘Goal Setting’ to the students in a simple way.  He clearly elaborated the objectives, frame work, principles and techniques of setting smart goal. He enumerated the various ways to achieve the goal. He elucidated many life incidents through which students can learn and understand the intricacies of life, its struggle and the methods  to overcome the struggle to achieve greater position in life. He also stressed that hard work should be coupled with smart work. He insisted that all students should set goal within the time constraint, so that the students would be able to assess their progress and  attain the set goal within the stipulated time.   He equally highlighted that honest ambition, straight path, perseverance; hard work, stern discipline and unconditional devotion are the core principles, which lead to successful life.

Dr. R.Kasthuri Bai, Dean, Faculty Development expounded on the title, ‘Respect Education’. She narrated the benefits and advantages of being educated by giving citation from Tamil literature. She also encouraged the students to read, listen, and study from different kinds of books. She focussed on different perspectives of education which were given by educational philosophers, like Mahatma Gandhi, Plato and Tolstoy. Finally, she concluded that education is the powerful weapon which can change the whole world.

Dr.M.Prem kumar, Principal, PEC, expatiated on the title, ‘Attitude towards learning’. He explained to the students the importance of positive attitude. He narrated his own life incidents, from which he learnt the impact of attitude towards any type of work or learning. He also insisted that attitude determines one’s altitude.

Mrs.Sumathi, Principal, Paavai Polytechnic College, explained in detail the ‘Examination System’.  She pointed out the ways to write internal and external examinations.  She gave more details about the answer booklet and its structure which is given by the technical board.  She emphasised that the students to properly utilise their time to get scores.

Mr. C.Loganathan, HoD, Audio-Visual, Paavai Institutions, addressed the students on ‘Life Skills’.  He created awareness among the students regarding first aid.  He encouraged them to help the needy on time without any hesitation and fear.  He advocated to the student the significance of  rescuing people from various accidents and motivated them to donate blood, eye and organs.  He also taught them how to prepare first aid kit. He showed many inspiring videos regarding filial responsibility to parents and concluded that children should respect them.

Dr. K.Selvi, Dean Academics, delivered her speech on ‘Pavai Culture’. She explained the Paavai Mantra, Principles, Belief and Code. She detailed about classroom behaviour and the principles which should be followed in Pavai.  She strongly imposed the culture to be followed strictly on and off the college campus.

Mrs. Mahalakshmi Subramaniyam, Additional Placement Officer, Paavai Engineering College, delivered her speech on ‘Career Development’.  She described how to choose a career with clear knowledge.  She described clearly about grooming skills, problem solving skills and communication skills. She insisted the students to speak in English without any hesitation to face interview and group discussion. She also created an awareness regarding the recruitment procedures and the expectation of the companies.

Dr.Elumalai, Associate professor, Mech dept, PEC addressed on the topic, ‘Integrated approach to Engineering subjects’. He explained the inter-disciplinary approach to engineering subjects. He focussed on the core Engineering branches like Mechanical, Automobile, Civil, Electrical, Electronics Engineering which pave the way for other disciplines such as Mechatronics, Computer science etc. He also highlighted the integrated approach to learning engineering subjects and the practical applications of engineering tools.


Mrs. K.Subashini, Associate Professor, Faculty Development Department, delivered her speech on the ‘Beauty of Mathematics’.  In her session, she beautifully explained how mathematics plays an important role in day to day life.  She also focused more on the application of Mathematics  in the engineering field. In the orientation programme many Team building  activities were conducted to motivate the students to identify their inner talents.

In the Valedictory function of the Orientation Programme, the students expressed their feedback.  They shared their goals and inner views, which were kindled by the resource persons. 

            Smt. Mangai Natarajan, Correspondent, Paavai Institutions, in her felicitation address, stressed the importance of self-confidence, and the need to respect the opposite gender with due regard and proper attitude. Further, the Chairman in his valedictory address highlighted real life incidents which show the significance of education and its impact on the future generation.

The session came to an end with the Vote of Thanks proposed by a first year student. Three hundred and fifty students were benefitted by the programme.





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  • Joe Sujin S

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    Back to college, the time I spent at PAAVAI during my graduate years was the most delighted period of my life so far. This is...



  • Hui-Kai Su

    Paavai is a very beautiful and clean campus. The professors and students are very polite. Welcome to visit or study in Taiwan.

  • Lung Jieh Yang

    Paavai is a very beautiful campus and has hot desire to enhance the cooperation with Taiwan in future. I hope to visit Paavai again and...

  • Dr.Madhyastha Harishkumar

    Excellent Campus with clean and green surroundings. Homogenized young faculties with motivational and temper of research and teaching attitude for young and aspiring students. This...

  • Ching-Pu Chen

    I am impressed by the cleanness and warm hospitality by Paavai, the moment, we step in. we will cherish our friendship. Thanks.

  • Ying Huei Chen

    A very well organized and the summit, helping universities on both sides. Know more each other and know how to take the next step to...

  • Chin-Hsing Cheng

    ‘Cheng Kung’ means ‘Success’ in Chinese. I wish in the future PAAVAI becomes a great success in incubating younger generation of this great country,India.

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  • Dr.N.S.Kumar

    Very Good Campus for technical learning and human values. I wish all success in the future.

  • Dr.M.S.Santhosh

    One of the best campuses I have seen. Impressed by the hospitality & the projects displayed.

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    I am impressed with the Vision and dedication of Management of Paavai Group of Institutions. A lot of work is being done for the educational...

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