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Orientation program for First Year students was held on 09.08.2019

“The capacity to learn is a gift, the ability to learn is a skill and the willingness to learn is a choice”. The Faculty Development Department organized a six day orientation programme for the first year students of Paavai Engineering colleges to make them familiar with the culture of the institution, learning techniques, Yoga, meditation, Respect for education, values, health, Autonomous rules and regulations and also prepare them for the transition from school to college. Since Paavai is a student -centric organization ,efforts were taken to instill self-confidence and courage in the minds of the students so that they will be successful in their career. The orientation programme was held from 09.08.2019 to 28.08.2019 at Prestige Hall, Kalams Chamber, Pragathi Hall and Tata Hall in six batches. Each batch consisted of nearly 185 students and totally there were around 1100 students who attended the orientation programme. The Inauguration was held at the ‘Anandha Arangam’ on 09.08.2019where in Shri.CA.N.V.Natarajan, the Chairman of Paavai Institutions, emphasized the importance of the orientation programme and he also introduced the titles of the different sessions of the orientation programme. Finally, he wished that the orientation programme should serve as an eye opener for the students enabling them to be successful persons in their respective walks of life. Mrs.Mangai Natarajan, the Correspondent, stated that the students should be disciplined, bold and courageous to do a right thing at the right time. She focussed on the merits and demerits of using mobile phones. She highlighted the significance of the involvement of the parents as well as the responsibility of the students in fulfilling the educational needs of a society and the nation. Shri.CA.N.V.Natarajan, Chairman, Paavai Institutions, Dr. R. KasthuriBai, Dean, Faculty Development Department, Dr.M.Prem kumar, Principal, PEC, Dr.Hepsi Racheal chella rani, Principal, PCNR, Dr. K.Selvi, Dean Academics, PEC, Dr.Murali Babu, COE, PEC,Dr.Arangasamy, Principal, PCE, Dr.A.Suphalakshmi, CSE, HoD, PEC, Dr.Saravanan, EEE, HoD, Dr.Antony Raj, CSE HoD, PCE , Mrs Vimala I Year HoD, PCE , Mr.Loganathan, Head, Audio-visual, Mrs.Mahalakshmi, Additional Placement and Training officer, PEC, Mrs.Samundeeshwari, ASP, ECE, PEC, Dr.Elumalai, Professor, Mech, PEC, Mrs.Uma Nambi, HoD,Civil, PEC, Dr.Shanthi, HoD, English PEC,Mr. Ravi kumar, Japanese Teacher, Mr.Elavarasan, yoga master, an alumni of Paavai, Mrs. K.Subashini, Associate professor, Faculty Development Department and heads of various department, Mr.Sundarajan, Mr.Harikrishna of CSE dept and Mr.Sriram(EEE) of final year students from PEC and Mr.Illango(ECE) and Ms.Aparna(Civil) of final year students from PCE were the resource persons for the orientation programme. Shri.CA.N.V.Natarajan, the Chairman, Paavai Institutions elaborated on the History of Paavai and Goal setting. He explained how he was guided by his vision, mission and the strong determination to establish Paavai as a guiding torch to the youth folk. He further focused on the steps for goal setting and the methods to translate one’s goal into a reality. He narrated the life incidents of various individuals such as Mr.Muthusamy and Mr.Mustafa to illustrate the importance of setting a goal and how one will shine well if the goal is adhered to. He also narrated the success stories of alumni such as Mrs. Mathichandra, Ms.Sangeetha, and Mr.Vasudevan to depict the intricacies of life and how those said persons had their achievements. At last, he spoke about the significance of education with an illustration to show that education is the powerful tool to bridge the gap between the different caste and community in life. Dr.M.Premkumar, Principal, PEC, and Mrs.Vimhala, I Year HoD PCE, spoke on the topic, “Achievements of Paavai” their respective colleges. They portrayed the accolades of the institutions,the Faculty members and the students from various departments of Paavai Institutions. Dr.R.Kasthuri Bai, Dean, FDD, explained the topic, “Respect Education”. She highlighted the verses from Tamil Literature such as Moodurai, Kondrai vendhan, Atthi chudi, Thirukural and quotes of various philosophers to make the students understand the role and objectives of education. She made the students comprehend that the knowledge, attitude and skill play a major role in designing one’s future. Mr.Elavarasan, the Alumni of Paavai, yoga master gave a practical demonstration on Yoga and Meditation. All the students were made to practice yoga and meditation. The basic exercises, pranayama and surya namaskar were taught and the students felt rejuvenated after the practice . It was a wonderful feeling experienced by the students. Dr.K.Selvi, Dean Academics focussed on Paavai Culture, Paavai principles, Paavai Mantra and Paavai belief. Dr.B.Murali Babu COE emphasized the rules and regulations of an autonomous institution. He further stressed the importance of internal and End semester examinations. Dr.Arangasamy, Principal, PCE detailed on the title, ‘Value Education’. He further dealt with the classification of values, and the methods to develop and inculcate best practises in life. Dr.Hepsi Rachael Chella Rani, Principal, PCNR, explained about proper eating habits, and the need for taking adequate and nutritious food on time.She made the students understand the importance of taking balanced diet. She also insisted that different psychological problems such as stress, depression, tension can be handled easily, if the body, mind and soul unite and work together. She concluded that physical fitness leads to mental fitness.Dr.Elumalai, from the Department of Mechanical Engineering expatiated upon the necessity of taking an integrated approach to engineering studies . He also pointed out that the students should be able to think and link while studying and experimenting any concept in the field of engineering education. Dr. Shanthi, HoD, Eng, PEC elaborated the essence of Communication skills. She facilitated the students with the basic skills of English language such as, listening, speaking, reading and writing. She reiterated that if one takes care of fluency, accuracy will follow suit. Mr.Loganathan, Head, Audio-visual dept, illustrated with examples, the life skills and their application in day-to-day life. He spoke about the importance of rendering first aid to victims who are in danger. He showed videos pertaining to family values, filial duties and responsibilities. Dr.A.Suphalakshmi, HoD, CSE, PEC listed out the different ICT tools for enhanced learning. She also cited a number of learning resources available on the campus of Paavai. Dr.Saravanan, HoD ,EEE,PCE gave a clear picture of the Anna University examination system and its procedure to their respective college students. Final year students Mr.Sundarajan, CSE, Mr.Hari Krishna CSE and Mr.Sriram(EEE) PEC and Mr.Ellango(ECE), Ms.Aparna(Civil) of PCE explained in a nutshell that interning abroad holds great value therefore the students have to seize opportunities to learn more and grow more in their chosen field. They also indicated the prevalence of various Curricular and Co Curricular clubs at Paavai which promote the skills and abilities of interested students. The students volunteer from final year took part and shared their experiences and ascertained that they are the pearls of Paavai. The first year students were taken on a campus tour..Sports activities were also arranged for them to imbibe team spirit and leadership qualities. The Faculty Development Department conducted many motivational games and events to keep the students engaged throughout the orientation programme. During the HoDs presentation, each Head explained in detail the achievements of their respective departments and how the departments will take care of the needs of their students. Mrs.Mahalakshmi, Additional Training and Placement officer and Mrs. Samundeeshwari, ECE, PEC spoke about the current employment scenario and how the students have to exert themselves to get placed in their dream companies. Mr.Ravikumar, the Japanese teacher explained the career opportunities available in Japan and the scope for learning Japanese language in a simple way. Dr.Kasthuri Bai and Mrs. K.Subashini shared the session on, “Transition from school to college”. They said that moving is a stressful experience for any one. But for those who have prepared themselves mentally, nothing is difficult. Shifting from school to college is shifting from being a big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a big ocean. Hence the college -bound adults need to learn the art of coping skills.Mrs. K.Subashini, Associate professor, Faculty Development Department emphasized the Beauty of Mathematics. She further highlighted the Fibonacci sequence and the concept of Golden Ratio otherwise Called, the finger prints of God. Each resource person explained and elaborated the topic and all of them did have an interactive session with the students. Around twenty five sessions had been handled in these six days. Throughout the orientation the students were assisted to hone their LSRW skills. The programme thus catered to the needs of the students and the Faculty Development Department expressed its willingness to be with them as and when required. The valedictory function was held on 28.08.2019 at the Pragathi hall by 02.00 p.m. All the students recorded their feedback. Smt. Mangai Natarajan, the correspondent felicitated the gathering. She congratulated the students for expressing their desire to come up in life. The Chairman delivered the valedictory address in which, once again, he reiterated that a well established goal is sure to succeed and Paavai stands testimony to it. After the national anthem the programme came to an end.

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