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One-day Orientation Programme for IX standard students of R.S.K. Higher Secondary School, Trichy

Ninth standard is a crucial period in the system of Indian school education because; it is a gate way to the Board exams. Not only that, it is the most important predictor of high school success. So students get tensed up always and in order to reduce their learning stress and help them see their upcoming years with more confidence and cheerfulness; a one-day orientation programme had been arranged by Paavai Institutions for the ninth standard students on 02.11.2018 at Montfort Hall, R.S.K. School, Trichy. The inauguration took place in the morning. The resource persons, Dr. R. KasthuriBai, Dean Faculty Development, Dr. K. Selvi, Dean Academics and Mrs. Mahalakshmi, Additional placement officer, Paavai Institutions, were greeted and introduced to the audience. Dr. K. Selvi read out the objectives of the orientation programme. After the formal introduction, the students were divided into two teams and the resource persons handled classes on the proposed titles concurrently. For those students who assembled in the lecture hall, Dr. K. Selvi took a session on the topic “The Art of living well”. She spoke that the essence of life is to stand by one’s own words and deeds. Behavior, beliefs, attitude, discipline, resource, etiquette, commitment and the will to succeed are some of fine aspects of life which facilitate one to live well. She concluded her speech by telling the listeners that students should develop a positive mindset and they should write their own success story by discharging their academic and filial responsibilities. Dr. R. Kasthuribai, Dean Faculty Development, conducted a few ice-breaker activities to trigger the interest and enthusiasm of the learners. She lectured on the title “Teenage culture with special sequence to friendship, relationship and worship”. She quoted that “Education is the passport to the future and tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”. The teenagers must learn well to lead well. They must learn to choose true friends who will say what needs to be said, no matter if one wants to hear it or not. Similarly the teenagers must report their parents and teachers who impact life skills to them. She delineate that work is worship togetherness is culture. Dr. K. Kasthuribai gave examinations tips and emphasized finally that one has to be a warrior and not a worrier. All the three sessions focused on the message that one should have a clear dream, knowledge, hard work and perseverance. Mr. Mahalakshmi, Additional Placement Officer did a presentation on career planning for 9th standard students of RSK School. She discussed several important factors that influence the career and future of the school students. She also discussed about the various groups available in XI and XII standard and how they impact their future. She finally concluded and wished that, students should come out with flying colours and be a successful person in life. In the evening during the valedictory session, the students gave their feedback stating that they felt excited about the programme and also got inspired to fix their goal and work towards it. Another significant aspect of the orientation programme was that the entire event was led by students. Totally 304 students attended the programme.

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  • Joe Sujin S

    This is very nostalgic to me; coz I have been there sitting in a chair listening to people talk. For me to be given this...


    Being an alumnus of Paavai gives such a gallant feeling which is pretty hard to pen it down into few words. My journey with Paavai...


    “The only thing that should make leaving college bearable is the hope against hope that you are taking the best part of it with you"....


    I always admire about the environment that I had in Paavai. “HOME SWEET HOME”. I always wanted to thank Shri. N.V. Natarajan & Smt. Mangai...


    Back to college, the time I spent at PAAVAI during my graduate years was the most delighted period of my life so far. This is...



  • B.P. Udaykumar

    Highly impressed by the infrastructure available in the campus. Equally impressed by the dedicated efforts put on by the management & staff members.

  • Sudhakar Vaidyalingam

    Totally balanced Institutions, Excellent morals were observed with team. Top management commitment is what makes all the unique difference, keep inspiring.

  • Dr.P. Murugesa Boopathi

    I had a chance to visit Paavai Institutions. The campus is excellent, well builds and neatly maintained. It is a surprise to see the water...

  • P. Kolandaivel

    I was delighted to see the infrastructure facilities of Paavai Institutions. It is one of the best colleges in this region. My best wishes for...

  • Hui-Kai Su

    Paavai is a very beautiful and clean campus. The professors and students are very polite. Welcome to visit or study in Taiwan.

  • Lung Jieh Yang

    Paavai is a very beautiful campus and has hot desire to enhance the cooperation with Taiwan in future. I hope to visit Paavai again and...

  • Dr.Madhyastha Harishkumar

    Excellent Campus with clean and green surroundings. Homogenized young faculties with motivational and temper of research and teaching attitude for young and aspiring students. This...

  • Ching-Pu Chen

    I am impressed by the cleanness and warm hospitality by Paavai, the moment, we step in. we will cherish our friendship. Thanks.

  • Ying Huei Chen

    A very well organized and the summit, helping universities on both sides. Know more each other and know how to take the next step to...

  • Chin-Hsing Cheng

    ‘Cheng Kung’ means ‘Success’ in Chinese. I wish in the future PAAVAI becomes a great success in incubating younger generation of this great country,India.

  • Dr.Aaron Raymond See

    I would like to thank Paavai University for the honor to be one of the speakers and the hospitality for this visit in India. We...

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