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Charted Account Coaching Institute Inauguration & Investors awareness program - 04.02.2020

On 4th February 2020, “Investors Awareness Programme” was conducted in Keerthi Hall at 11.00 a.m. The programme commenced with the prayer song and Tamil Thai Vazhthu. Ms.K.Gowri of II B.Com welcomed the gathering. The Chairman of Paavai Institutions honoured the Chief Guest with shawl and memento. In his presidential address he stated that it was a special day as Investors Awareness Programme and the inauguration of CA coaching institute were held in unison. CA course gives endurance, withstanding capacity, sporting attitude, courage and confidence to the students. Investors Awareness Programme will make a clear vision to the students about types of investment, risks and precautions to be taken while investing. Ms. G.Anupriya of III B.Com CA introduced the Chief Guest. The Guest Speaker CA.V.Sreeraman in his special address explained clearly about Investment and defined it as “Sacrificing today’s cash available for consumption for future purpose with a view to get a surplus in future”. He also described that Commitment + Consistency + Concentration gives Success in everyone’s life. He explained about the word ‘Inflation’ and how the price level changes according to the value. He stated that a product needs many aspects to get produced, so money value changes according to the availability of inputs to produce a product. He also explained about Risk and Return factors in investment. He explicated the three types of investors, risk seeker who is ready to face challenge, Risk Avertor who is not ready to have changes in capital amount and Risk Neutral one who dare not to take risk rather invests in Mutual fund. He concluded by stating that anything which is beneficial is valuable and one’s Success should be defined by oneself not by others. The Correspondent of Paavai Institutions felicitated the gathering. In her felicitation, she stated the one should excel with what one has and she also expressed her wish that 25% of Pavai students should be in Government jobs, 25% in corporate sector, 25% as administrators and the rest in creating the society. She further said that Education given by the parents to their children is an investment and students should give their degree as a return. She advised that Paavai students should rule the world through love and keep their mind clear. The programme came to an end with the Vote of Thanks delivered by Ms.G.Anupriya of II B.Com C.A. followed by the National Anthem.

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  • Joe Sujin S

    This is very nostalgic to me; coz I have been there sitting in a chair listening to people talk. For me to be given this...


    Being an alumnus of Paavai gives such a gallant feeling which is pretty hard to pen it down into few words. My journey with Paavai...


    “The only thing that should make leaving college bearable is the hope against hope that you are taking the best part of it with you"....


    I always admire about the environment that I had in Paavai. “HOME SWEET HOME”. I always wanted to thank Shri. N.V. Natarajan & Smt. Mangai...


    Back to college, the time I spent at PAAVAI during my graduate years was the most delighted period of my life so far. This is...



  • B.P. Udaykumar

    Highly impressed by the infrastructure available in the campus. Equally impressed by the dedicated efforts put on by the management & staff members.

  • Sudhakar Vaidyalingam

    Totally balanced Institutions, Excellent morals were observed with team. Top management commitment is what makes all the unique difference, keep inspiring.

  • Dr.P. Murugesa Boopathi

    I had a chance to visit Paavai Institutions. The campus is excellent, well builds and neatly maintained. It is a surprise to see the water...

  • P. Kolandaivel

    I was delighted to see the infrastructure facilities of Paavai Institutions. It is one of the best colleges in this region. My best wishes for...

  • Hui-Kai Su

    Paavai is a very beautiful and clean campus. The professors and students are very polite. Welcome to visit or study in Taiwan.

  • Lung Jieh Yang

    Paavai is a very beautiful campus and has hot desire to enhance the cooperation with Taiwan in future. I hope to visit Paavai again and...

  • Dr.Madhyastha Harishkumar

    Excellent Campus with clean and green surroundings. Homogenized young faculties with motivational and temper of research and teaching attitude for young and aspiring students. This...

  • Ching-Pu Chen

    I am impressed by the cleanness and warm hospitality by Paavai, the moment, we step in. we will cherish our friendship. Thanks.

  • Ying Huei Chen

    A very well organized and the summit, helping universities on both sides. Know more each other and know how to take the next step to...

  • Chin-Hsing Cheng

    ‘Cheng Kung’ means ‘Success’ in Chinese. I wish in the future PAAVAI becomes a great success in incubating younger generation of this great country,India.

  • Dr.Aaron Raymond See

    I would like to thank Paavai University for the honor to be one of the speakers and the hospitality for this visit in India. We...

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