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Techfinix project Expo - 2018

The students from the departments including Agricultural Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Information Technology, Mechatronics, have participated in the Project Expo held during the symposium–Techfinix’18-2.0.

Department of Agricultural Engineering:

A team of students from the department of Agricultural Engineering, have developed “Automatic Weeding machine” which seems an innovative technology of cutting grass without any pollution. This project is mainly proposed to reduce the man power and the usage of electricity.

Department of Aeronautical Engineering:

Students from Aeronautical Engineering developed a model “ALMOTRAFT – All Mode Transport Aircraft”. This aircraft would be able to travel in land, fly in air and cruise in water. This, when implemented as a real time project, would help in avoiding traffic and it is expected to make the transportation easier. This portable design is made such a way to increase the thrust and also to increase the fuel efficiency. It can travel 60 miles / hr.

Department of civil Engineering:

“Rook Tower” – A statue tower was built by the students of civil Engineering where the site at it has been raised consists of only backfill soil. To stabilize the soil, the students provided cement grouting. The superstructure was initially started by bringing up the layer of brickwork in rectangular shape. Finally, the students achieved the scope of the project, by placing a statue, that weighs 250 kg (quarter a ton) at the top of the tower.

Department of Computer Science Engineering:

A project on “Controlling Computer using Hand Gestures” by combining the Power of arduino and python was made by the second year students of CSE department. Two Ultrasonic sensors and a webcam are used to control a media player (VLC), Keyboard, Mouse based on the position of the hand movements. The main advantage of this project is the usage of Arduino board where the distance between the monitor and hand positions are measured and certain actions such as pause, play, forward, rewind, volume up, volume down are performed. Python pyautogui library is used for implementation and a project on the domain “Virtual Reality” was created where a customized environment is designed to visit the far away places and roam freely without spending money from a stable place. This concept makes us to create a virtual tour in order to bring an existence in real life. The students done this project with the help of VR goggles and mobile phones that support VR.

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering:

A team of students from EEE created an E-Bunk where the roof was made of solar panel which helped to charge mobile phones. Students from Chemical Engineering have done a project on extracting citrus oil using lemon peels by steam distillation process. And the students from Information Technology have made a “speech recognition system” using artificial intelligence. It can even be accessed by the writers with physical disabilities that prevent them from using a keyboard and mouse, being able to issue voice commands and dictate words into a text document.

Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering:

“Smart Classrooms with Sensors” was created by the students from the department of ECE where connected devices and emerging trending technologies will help teachers to focus on student’s learning needs for developing some extra qualities in students. They have shown some practical scenarios of about how internet of Things can be implemented for a better classroom experience.

Department of Mechanical Engineering:

Students from Mechanical Engineering designed and fabricated a “Fork Lift” such that the material can be lifted from the floor land without application of any impact force. The fabrication part of it has been considered with almost case for its simplicity and economy, such that this can be accommodated as one of the essential tools on all industries.

Department of Mechatronics Engineering:

“A Haptic Robot Arm” was designed by the students of Mechatronics in which the basic idea is the sensors on the haptic device which work as transducers and converts hand motions into electrical signals. These hand movements can be replicated using a robotic arm. This design has its application in many areas, including robot- assisted surgery, simulation and training, rehabilitation, exploration of hazardous or remote environments, enabling technologies, manufacturing and design.

Apart from these major projects, 120+ mini projects on various domains including robotics, automated irrigation system, moderated power plants, home automation systems, bio gas production, mobile application development, augmented reality, artificial intelligence, electrophoresis and etc., are done and submitted during the symposium.

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    August 26, 2019

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  • Hui-Kai Su

    Paavai is a very beautiful and clean campus. The professors and students are very polite. Welcome to visit or study in Taiwan.

  • Lung Jieh Yang

    Paavai is a very beautiful campus and has hot desire to enhance the cooperation with Taiwan in future. I hope to visit Paavai again and...

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    I am impressed by the cleanness and warm hospitality by Paavai, the moment, we step in. we will cherish our friendship. Thanks.

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    ‘Cheng Kung’ means ‘Success’ in Chinese. I wish in the future PAAVAI becomes a great success in incubating younger generation of this great country,India.

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    One of the best campuses I have seen. Impressed by the hospitality & the projects displayed.

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