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Orientation program for recently Inducted members of Paavai Family

Batch – II:
Confidence comes from training and discipline of the mind of an individual. The Faculty Development Department organized a five day orientation programme for the recently recruited faculty members to acquaint them with the institutional practices and the Pedagogy of teaching and learning, because teachers are considered to be the pillars of Paavai. The orientation programme was held from 18.06.2018 to 22.06.2018 at the Smart Hall for Batch-II. 40 faculty members from Paavai institutions attended the orientation programme

The Inauguration was held at the Smart hall on 18.06.2018, where the Shri.CA.N.V.Natarajan, Chairman stressed the significance of teaching profession, role of teachers and their commitment towards students to groom them as good citizens of the society. The objectives and methodology of the orientation programme were read by Dr.K.Selvi, Dean Academics, PEC. After the inauguration, the technical sessions commenced. Shri.CA.N.V.Natarajan, Chairman, Paavai Institutions, Dr.K.K.Ramasamy, Director Administration, Prof. R.Chenniappan, Dean English, Dr.S.Sukumar. Dean, Civil, Dr. R. KasthuriBai, Dean, Faculty Development Department, Dr. K.Selvi, Dean Academics, Dr.A.S.Kandasamy, Dean ECE, PEC, Dr.B.Murali Babu, COE, PEC, Mrs.C.Jayalakshmi, Dean Counselling, Dr.M. Prem Kumar, Principal, PEC, Dr.M.Devi, Principal, PCE, Dr.J.Sundarajan, Principal, PCT, Dr.R.Arangasamy, ECE/HoD, PEC, Dr.A.Suphalakshmi, CSE/HoD, PEC, Mrs.Mahalakshmi, Additional Placement and Training officer, PEC and Mrs. K.Subashini, Associate professor, Faculty Development Department were the resource persons for the programme who threw light on areas such as ‘History of Paavai and Goal setting ’, ‘Paavai culture’, ‘Institutional belongingness’, ‘Fundamentals of science’, Importance of Research, Role of Teachers in Character Building, ‘Triple SSS relationship’, ‘Pedagogy of teaching and learning’, ‘Communication skills’, ‘Role of teachers in placement’, ‘Teachers are second parents’, ‘Attitude’, ‘Professional ethics and responsibility of teachers’, ‘Teacher accountability’ and ‘Smart teaching’.

Shri.CA.N.V.Natarajan, Chairman, Paavai Institutions narrated the History of Paavai and its growth. His vision, mission and his strong determination in establishing Paavai was explained clearly. He further explained the need for following ten commandments to become a good teacher. Dr.K.K.Ramasamy, Director Administration, expounded on the different roles and responsibilities of the teachers. He advocated the practical method of teaching to reach out to the students of all categories. Various examples related to different branches of study were explained. Prof.R.Chenniappan, Dean English elaborated on the need for communication skills. He further expatiated on the urgency and requirement of the English language in the Engineering field. Dr.K.Selvi, Dean Academics detailed the message of Paavai Culture, Paavai Mantra and Paavai belief. Dr.S.Sukumar, Dean, Civil highlighted the importance of character and teachers’ role in shaping the future of the students. He cited many examples in this regard. Dr.M.PremKumar, Principal, PEC, emphasized the importance of developing right attitude to

serve as worthy member of Paavai. He demonstrated the topic, ‘Robotics’ and explained the significance of teaching a particular concept in a unique way. Dr.M.Devi, Principal, PCE explained the Institutional belongingness and further touched upon the principle of integrity and loyalty. Dr.J.Sundarajan, Principal, PEC, expounded the significance of Research, its gravity and its implementation for the betterment of the society. Dr.A.S.Kandasamy, Dean ECE, explained the thrust on teaching the fundamentals of physics, chemistry and mathematics. Mrs.C.Jayalakshmi, Dean Counselling dealt on the title ‘Teachers are second parents’. She explained that every teacher should play the role of a parent to make the students worthy human beings.

Dr.B.Murali Babu, COE, highlighted the ‘Triple SSS’ relationship and their intricacies.. Dr.R.Arangasamy, HoD ECE elaborated on ‘Teacher Accountability’ towards their profession. He further highlighted the accountability of teachers towards the students and the profession as a whole. Dr.A.Suphalakshmi, HoD, CSE explained the concept of Smart teaching. Mrs.Mahalakshmi, Additional Training and Placement officer, gave a big drift in the placement and its importance. She also focused on the need to obtain required marks along with technical skills and every day application of the concept that they have to learn to get placed in their Dream Company. In this regard, she explained the role of teachers in enabling students to be placed in the reputed institution. Dr.R.Kasthuri Bai and Mrs. K.Subashini, Associate professor, Faculty Development Department emphasized the pedagogy of teaching and learning. They further highlighted the different strategies and techniques of teaching and learning to make the classroom interactive and interesting.

Each resource person explained, elaborated and had an interactive session with the faculty members. Around thirteen topics had been handled in these five days. Throughout the orientation the members were assisted to hone their LSRW skills. Assignments, poster presentation, peer teaching and evaluation, lesson plan writing, preparation of teaching aids, group discussion, debate, an in house rally to uphold the significance of English language were administered. Every faculty gave a Model presentation of their teaching units and it was video graphed along with remedial teaching. Different kinds of activities were also conducted to keep up the excitement of teaching and learning. A campus tour was also arranged. The programme thus catered to the needs of the inductees and the Faculty Development Department expressed its willingness to be with them as and when required.

The valedictory function was held on 22.06.2018 at the smart hall by 02.30 p.m. All the faculty recorded their feedback. Smt. Mangai Natarajan, correspondent felicitated the gathering by explaining the functionality of teachers in upholding the principles of the profession. She highlighted the idea that the teachers should work as a team to grow professionally and they should render their best for the students’ community. The Chairman delivered valedictory address. With this the orientation programme came to an end.

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